July 5 Birthday Features


July 5 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Mars.

July 5 - Birthday Interpretation.

As a July 5 Cancer birth date, you are likely to be strongly dedicated when it comes to achieving your aims in life. You are more than willing to undergo any forms unpleasant setbacks or conflicts in order to be able to accomplish any ultimate goal.

There are influences related to this July 5 birth date to indicate that any sacrifices that you might make earlier in your life, are bound to pay off in the future.

You are likely to be endowed with a strong sense of confidence, and this quality, together with your attitude for dedication, will ensure that you will be able to overcome most obstacles, and be successful in any encounters you face. 

The July 5 birth date identifies with a person who has looked long and hard for truth, and your life will involve you in many emotional and physical voyages, that at times will force you to look away from that which is familiar, in order to search for life’s meaning.

This form of exploration can lead you to many spiritual doors, and although you may be reluctant to pass through them at times, you will in reality have little choice.

Do not give in to those senses of reluctance but face up to the challenges and continue the struggle for spiritual significance, because numerous wonders of understanding will await you.

The written word can be a great source of inspiration for you, and in particular, books and media that deal with the subjects of philosophy, history, and the biographies of people that you tend to admire.

The July 5 is the type of person who is interested in delving into life’s details and in mastering and overcoming them.

As a July 5 you understand within your inner self the natural richness of life and desire to experience life’s gifts to the fullest extent. This is the fundamental nature of the creative process.

Take caution however, because there are qualities associated with this birth date that carries a risk for overindulgence. This might be as a reward for a successful achievement or accomplishment, or because you have some feeling of your lacking in another area.

You are one who will relish in the choice of a variety of offerings. As example, a buffet food presentation where you are able to sample a wide variety of foods and indulge in as much food as you like. Alternatively, the Internet should be of great interest to you as a place where you have a virtually unlimited range of information offerings, free for your taking.

There are influences associated with building and construction related to this day and this might indicate a vocation or career potential in such a field. At the least, it could indicate that you may have an interest in construction as a hobby or sideline activity. As example, the construction of model aircraft, ships or even that of a professional model maker in the film or construction industries.

Black, light blue, glossy gray, orange and green are colors compatible with this July 5 birth date, and yellow and purple are colors that can help to inspire your spirits.

An amethyst gemstone of dark purple in color can help to influence your connection with your highest ideals.

On the home front, the July 5 will be one who will hold a strong vision as to their home environment, and will firmly implement their vision giving due attention to every detail. No detail is too small for you. 

By your nature you are likely to favor an in-home decor that tends to express elegance. You will favor stylish antique furniture over that of the modern angular designs and indeed, some quality antiques and some historical family heirlooms will certainly feature within your home.

The July 5 however, with their inherent interest in family history and items from the past, will need some place within the home to house some of those special items from the past and, in particular, special sentimental items from their childhood days. These might take the form of toys, children furniture pieces, a dollhouse or other favorite items.

To encourage positive energies within the home you should consider incorporation a substantial full-length mirror in your hallway.

Paintings, photographs or any other form of images that portray ancient warriors or military personalities can act as reminders of the power and supremacy of the individual.

With a love of nature you are likely to feature a number of carefully tended indoor plants within your home.

On the outdoors front, the July 5 will favor scenic environments that include water features such as rivers, lakes, streams and coastal.

In your garden you will appreciate a garden area environment that reflects your inherent desire to create and construct interesting structures. As example, some ornamental brick or wooden doorposts as entry features to the driveway, a small wooden bridge crossing a fishpond or stream, a uniquely styled “Wendy House” for the children. 

Self made patio furniture could well feature in your garden together with a “Hammock” in which to lounge and rest at the end of the day.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 7.

The fifth day of the seventh month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of multiplication, growth, and development.

This day’s path is one of giving birth to the avenues of your creativity. You have the capacity to enjoy yourself fully whenever you involve yourself, but take care not to over-indulge. 

The 187th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven adds the sense that you should rest between each cycle of your activities. 


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