July 4 Birthday Features


July 4 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Jupiter, Mars

July 4 - Birthday Interpretation.

As a July 4 Cancer, you are one who will love the idea of the home and family. However, you can tend to become somewhat over involved and committed to others. This can prove detrimental to your home life, and as result, your home and family may suffer

The July 4 is by nature, both a sentimental, and compassionate type of individual.

You are one who is likely to be able to feel very deeply the troubles and problems of other people. What is essential for you however, is to avoid becoming so deeply involved in the problems of others with result that, you overlook your own interests and forget to correctly attend to your responsibilities in life

As a July 4, you can find at times, that your over commitment to others can lead to you, yourself, beginning to feel that you are being taken advantage off. When this occurs, you can have the tendency to suddenly withdraw into yourself, and this can leave those around you confused and wondering as to why you have suddenly seemed to abandon them, after having given them so much of yourself.

You should endeavor to make sure that you establish clear boundaries as to your position and personal needs in order that you do not find yourself that position where you start to feel that your personal needs are being overlooked. 

Take caution that as a July 4 birth date, you can on those occasions, when you feel down and upset, tend to resort to some “comfort foods” and, in your case, you can be drawn to the more fattening foodstuffs such as dairy products.

There are qualities associated with this July 4 birth date to indicate  that you are likely to be a self-made person irrespective of whatever career or vocation path you follow in life. There is also the potential for you to stand out as a genuinely remarkable person in whatever endeavor you may undertake.

Your July 4 birth date identifies with a somewhat immature faith in loyalty and the belief that hard work results in ultimate reward.

As a July 4 you have an inherent sense of how the future flows from the past and present and, at your best, you can achieve access to those deeper and hidden aspects of consciousness, and then draw upon wisdom that appears inaccessible to most other people.

There are a number of influences associated with your birth date that indicate a somewhat spiritualized outlook towards life. For the July 4, this favors an interest in the supernatural rather than any form of strong religious beliefs.

To cater for this aspect of your nature, you might like to consider reading books or material related to that of the supernatural, or even take up the study of hypnotic regression.

Another influences associated with this birth date can indicate the coming about of something that might destroy your beliefs in values that might currently hold. For you, it is likely that such an event could arise at an important development point in your life. Where any such experience might prove to be alarming at the time, you will find that it will effectively come as a lead up to far better circumstance in life.

Dress wise, the July 4 Cancer will love to express their sense individuality. This can of course be projected though your own personal senses of fashion style and, in the wearing of some unusual or unique jewellery with stone settings.

A jewellery pendant of amber set in an unusual design of sterling silver might well suffice.

The colors of indigo, Venetian red, vermilion red, silvery gray and chartreuse (yellowish/green) are colors compatible with this July 4 birth date.

On the home front, the July 4 tends to enjoy a home environment that projects the sensation of plenty of free space.

With a leaning toward historical values, furnishings and items that that inspire a sense of age and the past are likely to feature in your home. Antique furniture could of interest to you and, in particular, French style antiques may well be of a special interest.

Pale blue is a color that you might, as a July 4, favor within your home. As example, in relation to some of your wall colorings or fabric needs.

You are likely to enjoy cooking, so your kitchen could be a favored area of the home to spend time in the conjuring up of some imaginative food recipe meals. You will be one who will enjoy owning some good quality kitchenware appliances, and will certainly be one who will look to own the latest in labor saving kitchen gadgets.

With you certain appreciation for natures beauty some carefully tended indoor plants are likely to prominently feature within your home.

On the outdoors front, water is an element of importance to those of the Cancer sign, so consider including some form of water feature within your garden area. A fishpond with water lilies would be ideal but if not possible, consider any other form of water related garden piece such as a fountain.

With your interest in the historical, a garden that projects a historical image could be particularly pleasing to your eye. This might contain some older but unusual items such as an old iron water pump or woodwork or stone features of an oldie-world nature.

Hydrangeas and zinnias, are flowers for those of the July 4 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 6.

The fourth day of the seventh month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of reflection and receptivity. As example, this is a path of reaching into the deep well of collective experience and memory in order to strengthen your immediate fortune.

The 186th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the principle of balance to your path. As example, think in the terms of the principle of reciprocity (giving and receiving), and always return something to life as a symbol of that which you have received.


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