July 12 Birthday Features


July 12 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Jupiter, Mars.

July 12 - Birthday Interpretation.

The July 12 Cancer birth date is a day blessed with financial good fortune.

This good fortune aspect of the July 12 birth date will also extend to matters involving your relationships, and as result, you are likely to experience quite a comfortable flow as far as your relationships are concerned.

Those to whom you are attracted, will tend to very quickly sense and react to your qualities of intense sexual energy, and creativity. 

The July 12 birth date comes under a considerable influence from the planet Mars, and this can result in a person who is likely to be one who has a great potential for leadership. There are however, certain confrontational aspects associated with Mars, and as result you would be wise to guard against your possible potential to show a lack of humility.

This birth date can be particularly influenced by the rhythms associated with the moon, and this can be expressed by variations in your moods.

During your highs you can be highly expressive to those around you and will enthusiastically take part in the experiences of life. At other times, when feeling low, you are likely to withdraw away, and into yourself in order to seek quite and solitude.

Your periods of highs and lows are somewhat unpredictable, and you are quite capable of suddenly changing from one to the other to the confusion of those around you. People who are close to you however, will generally learn to just leave you with it when on one of your emotional lows, and to give you the time to reorganize yourself in your own time.

A characteristic associated with those born on the July 12 day is that of being able to sense, and to respond to potential in what might

appear to be a game of chance. You have the ability to create, what to others, might seem to be the impossible.

At your best, you have the ability to very quickly understand the ramifications existent in any set of circumstances. As result, you should seize upon the opportunities that you encounter.

You must seize the opportunities you identify and then act upon their potential.

Some July 12 birthdays are located in relation to the fixed star of Castor, and in more ancient times it was believed that this influence related to the receipt of sudden honors, but followed by disgrace.

Irrespective of any honors that arise in your life, you are one who has a serious and studios nature, with that ability to be able to share your abilities and talents in order to generate co-operative relationships among others.

The written word is important to you, and books in particular. High quality leather bound volumes are likely to be found in your bookcase cabinet. With your inherent interest in family and family history, books passed down through the family will be treasured possessions for you.

Family mementos of all kinds are likely to be retained by the July 12 as emotional connections to your past.

As a July 12, music can be an important factor in your life, and collections of music on tapes, vinyl records or modern discs will form a feature in your home.

Dark blue, bright yellow and cherry red are colors compatible with your July 12 birth date, and pearls, ruby and fire opal are gems that can help to inspire your sense of initiative.

On the home front, the July 12 will appreciate a home design that infers an atmosphere of plenty of space. You should look to adopt neutral colors when considering your home decor planning.

You are likely to favor curved shape designs over those of the straight or angular within your home. As example, curved effect at the meeting of the walls to ceilings and well-shaped furniture designs, over that of clean-cut square effect.

To maintain some association with your ruling planet, the moon, you might like to consider keeping some form of representation of the moon within the home. As example, this might take the form of a calendar depicting photos of the moon, or some other attractive framed picture or image mounted on a wall in the house.

Some family heirloom pieces are likely to be a certainty in the home of a July 12. These could take the form of quality chinaware, furniture pieces or jewellery for example.

In the kitchen the July 12 is likely to have a considerable collection of labor saving devises plus some quality cookware to support their culinary skills.

On the outdoors front, most outdoor environments that involve some form of water setting will appeal to those of the July 12 birth date. As examples, lake lands, mountain streams or a park with a pond can provide of delight to you.

A garden that incorporates arched shapes and pathways lined with white pebbles and low-lying shrubs. A small pond or water feature with water lilies would be the perfect place for you to conjure up your next adventure in life.

A crescent moon shape incorporated into your garden design could provide you with good vibes, and place perhaps to sit at night, in order to peacefully view the moon and heavens.

The July 12 is likely to enjoy pottering around the garden in harmony with nature, and the action of simply tending to a small vegetable patch or the growing some plants in a window box can help to influence that your pride does not overcome you.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 5.

The twelfth day of the seventh month reduces to one, and the number one signifies that of beginnings, initiative, and originality. This number carries a singleness of purpose and a sense of unity.

The 194th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the important qualities of adaptability and versatility to this path.


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